To tell you about the modern Ukrainian-Russian war, we chose a special format of the stories - comics. They are based on the real memories of the fighters - Defenders of the Donetsk airport. Thus, each Warrior tells his story and takes part in the creation of the publication. In frames of our project, we work with the young Ukrainian artists, who draw comics and, during this process, constantly cooperate with the real fighters. In such a way, we preserve documentary nature of our comics.


For children and adolescents, the memories of the heroes of the Russian-Ukrainian War – the legendary Kiborhy – in color graphics are the best format of storytelling. They can easily perceive and understand all information in comics, as they meet their interests and are entertaining. In childhood, we always look for superheroes, who can become our role model in life. But in time, as we grow older, we get disappointed in them because Superman in reality does not fly, and instead of a “Batmobile” we have “Polish car”. Our Kiborhy, in contrast to Marvel characters, are real people, who transformed into the Warriors due to the severe and dangerous conditions of the war.

NGO Virni Tradytsiyam recommends comics Kiborhy for thematic lessons and patriotic events in all Ukrainian educational institutions and for the Ukrainian diaspora all around the world. 

Kiborh "Voha" and Ukrainian scouts. The real hero of comics "Kiborhy. The beginning" shares his memories of the war in the East Ukraine with scouts.
Comics “KIBORHY. The beginning. Book II”

KIBORHY - also in English!

When we, Ukrainians, travel abroad lately, foreigners often ask us: “How it is going in Ukraine?” or “Is it really a war, there, in Ukraine?“. On the one hand, the questions are strange, on the other – quite objective. Unfortunately, hostile propaganda in Western Europe works nowadays as good as four years ago in Eastern Ukraine, and its task is to expose the Russian-Ukrainian war as a minor civil conflict.

To resist Russian information aggression, we began to translate our comics into English. Thus, Kiborhy become accessible to the non-Ukrainian readers, who are interested in the events in the East Ukraine, in particular, the defense of Donetsk airport.

For now available in English:

KIBORHY. The beginning. Part I
KIBORHY. The beginning. Part II

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